Masar - Le Trio Joubran

Rachel Pozivenec

Click, snap, like, send, scroll, scroll, snap, click, heart…

Eyes up here for a second. Can I ask you a question?

Have you had enough of your devices? Enough time in the simulacrum, exposed to the depravity of constant connection? Are your days a blear of screens? And when at last you tear your eyes from them, do you—as I do—see that glowing field of light, that remnant ache of pixels?

If I had a solution, would you join us?

It’s a day of reckoning for a society atomized and a world distracted. It’s an idea as fiendishly simple as it is difficult. It’s called #Moonday.

It goes like this. Once a month, when the full moon fills the sky, you resolve to power off for 24 hours. That’s it.

It’s about contemplation as a bulwark against digital chaos. It’s about reestablishing the specificity of our memory and reclaiming dominion over simple boredom. More than anything, it’s about emancipation through introspection.

Remember, friend, you are not alone on this ancient territory. Everything is connected to everything else, and each of us forms one lonely node in a web of life that stretches billions of years into the past. And, like those countless generations of ancestors, human and animal alike, we can’t help but revel in the moonlight, alive to the lunar excitement, as wild as spirit moves us to be.

For 24 hours, we dance and howl, quiver and shake—and gaze up, and contemplate. On Moonday, we live!

There is but one rule: disconnect from the internet and reconnect with yourself.

Ready yourself, comrade. This coming Saturday (May 18th) is the Full Flower Moon. Let’s take it easy, see what it feels like to live without our devices for awhile . . . a day to clear your mind and prepare yourself for all the wild shenanigans that lie ahead.

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