A coyote is howling at night in the gran sabana

Full Pink Moon Day

mage by: Joe Webb

Will you

join us for the Full Pink Moon digital detox?

Will you

wake up and not reach for your phone . . . make coffee without checking Facebook . . . go out into the world without anything nestled in your hand, pinging in your pocket?

Will you

spend the hours wandering, reflecting . . . on the gruesome beauty of a day in the Anthropocene, amongst rising fascism and burgeoning human rights movements . . . on the distance between cynicism and hope, on unity, division, and a politics fractured . . . on the lure of oblivion, the imperative to fight whether for humanity or the simple legacy of hope . . .

on guilt and innocence and who calls the shots . . .

on the moral leadership of children in the face of extinction, with world-wide mobilization at their behest . . . on the refusal to go gentle, on the contours of our revolution . . . on all the world’s refugees as they trek in faith of betterment . . . on a universe-devouring black hole billions of times more massive than our own sun . . .

on what it all means . . .

and what your place in it might be?

And then, as the Good Friday night engulfs you, will you look up at the Full Pink Moon in wonder?

. . .

This Good Friday, revitalize your mental environment for the dangerous times ahead.

Together, we mobilize — with restored clarity — towards a new world order.

Now 14126 people strong!