Masar - Le Trio Joubran

This is it!
The moment of exhilaration and activism is upon us . . .
can you see it?

High school students walking out of class . . . green luminaries like Bill McKibben, Greta Thunberg, and Elizabeth Kolbert waxing poetic and inspirational as never before . . . millions taking to the streets in some eighty cities and thirty-three countries . . . and, all the while, Extinction Rebellion’s penetrating and effervescent brand of civil disobedience firing political imaginations everywhere.

For 30 years we’ve been mired in the torpor of climate deadlock — gone! — Here comes the breaking free!

This is what is meant by seizing the moment, comrades; nurturing it, building on it, fashioning it into a true global juggernaut, with high beams flashing and horn blaring.

In the spirit of Extinction Rebellion, this year’s May Day (next Wednesday the 1st) will be the epitome of wildness — a planetary big bang where vast numbers of lone wolves, each in their own sweet way, will go prowling for a justice long denied.

Prowling for the greater good. Prowling, hackles raised, for the new world order.

Are there myriad means of mayhem? Glad you asked:

SOME will plaster their neighbourhoods with powerful posters . . . and for millions of us, that’s more than enough!

SOME with artistic tendencies will decorate the world’s ATMs with Out of Order decrees. A picture of system failure for a system failed.

SOME will vow solemnly, with malice aforethought, never to walk into another Starbucks again. Tame, you say? Don’t be fooled. Making a local indie coffee shop your HQ is a strike at the heart of corporate hegemony, a viral act of defiance, a vote of confidence in authenticity, rebirth, and local coffee culture worldwide.

SOME will hit where it hurts — yanking their money from the sticky fingers of big finance, starving the monolithic banks. They’ll plunge their funds instead into the community co-op. A million of us doing so will heave a curveball into the global financial system . . . eventually culminating in the levy of Robin Hood taxes, the outlaw of flash trading, and the fundamental overthrow of international money flows.

SOME economics students are duty bound. They will whack provocative posters up around their department, nailing manifestos to the doors of professors, thus setting the stage for a paradigm shift in the ‘science’ of economics.

SOME really will want to create a ruckus, hmmm? Then they will bake a pie and throw it straight in the face of mendacity, flush in the yap of a lying politician, or — better yet — a fossil-fuel executive.

The possibilities, COMRADE, are endless — the payoffs momentous . . . so dig deep, screw up your courage, and execute an artisanal act of civil defiance this coming Wednesday.

On May Day 2019, let a billion acts of civil disobedience rain down on the current world order!

And, beatifically, together, we’ll move on from there. . .

Now 14126 people strong!