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On this day, we will detox from the digital ruckus — close our laptops, turn off the TV, and leave our phones at home for a whole 24 hours. For one day, we free our inundated minds from digital distractions. We regain resilience, explore the quiet moments, experience solitary introspection again. We even dare to let ourselves feel boredom — it is here, in this biotic space, where the boundless creativity and beautiful madness of our minds can dance again. Here, we will ready ourselves for these volatile times ahead.

Recalibrate your relationship to tech. It’s time to prepare for the imminent moon days by decluttering your mental environment. It is with an energized perspective that we will approach the year ahead. Together, we mobilize — with restored clarity — towards a new world order.

So, what is #Moonstruck?

#Moonstruck is the new day of reckoning in a distracted world. Once a month on the day of the full moon, we resist the monopoly that corporate technology has on our attention. For a full 24 hours, we power off and connect to the real world around us with our heads up. Noticing the light, color, trees, and sky, we’re pulled from our individualist tunnel vision and thrown into the fury.

We think our own thoughts.

With this ethos, we regain resilience, allowing our ideas to form, expand, and take root in our actions. By connecting to the quiet moments and introspective thought oft overtaken by digital chaos, we can invite our inner wild spirit to move us to action. This is how we take back the world — beginning with our minds — for ourselves.

Remember you are not alone on this ancient land — we are interconnected in a web of life that has preceded this moment for millions of years. As long as the full moon lives, so will this digi-age tradition.

For 24 hours, we dance, howl and run, sit, stare, and think. On Moonday, we live! 

What others said

Since the 17th I haven’t been using my phone. I’ve been leaving it home any chance I have.And when I do bring it with me I make sure to only use it when needed.

It’s refreshing to connect with nature and my own mind. Not scrolling through emptiness to find something whole...

Amber Chaba

I spent the first Digital Occupy Day completely unplugged. Literally. Turned off and unplugged all tech for more than 24 hours. Bugged out of town. Communed with the wild lands and with Nature — which you might call OG tech. Original tech. This ancient and everlasting technology is more complex, more intelligent, more co-creative, more communal, more interdependent, more alive, more magical, more powerful than anything humans can or will ever artificially or digitally create. The fact that humans have lost this — have lost their ability to ACTUALLY connect; have forgotten the power of OG tech (and their place within it), have had the truths of Nature brainwashed out of them — is the true and real tragedy. Big Evil is bent on this, as it is this crucial separation that fuels their profit margins.

This is a fight for consciousness itself. For unfettered thought. For original connection. For *feeling*. For balance and Right Relationship.

Blaed Spence

You should just keep up the same campaign once every week. It’s takes a while for people to realize when they need to fast from the internet. But the people can catch on eventually. So I would hold out for that sweet spot.

Amy Parsons

I tried to participate in Occupy Silicon Valley on Monday. However, due to my work, which requires me at times to use the platforms created by these corporations, I was unable to fully embrace the movement. However, it led me to delete the Instagram and Snapchat apps from my phone (although I have not deleted my accounts), place a social media blocker on my google (sorry) chrome browser, and turn the screen of my iPhone to greyscale, so that it’s alluring and flashy colors are muted. I find that this last change drastically reduces my urge to check my smartphone except for when I really need it.

I went on a jog yesterday without headphones and really connected with nature. I found it to be the best run of my life, full of introspection and original thoughts. While I feel like I failed in the explicit goals of the movement, without the spirit of the action, I would not have had this experience. Thank you.

George Danias

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