Masar - Le Trio Joubran

What will you choose:
To march with the crowds —
or become one of a new breed
of guerrilla activists?

To the last pre-crisis generation,

What will it take?

What will it take to save our planet — not for its own sake, nor for the richness of its biosphere, but simply for our survival?

The children not of some far-off future, but of the present, will live out their lives in a world of ever-greater threats and ever-growing peril. They will live and die in a climate faster changing and more hazardous than anything humanity has ever witnessed.

We are now looking over the brink. What lies beyond are not negligible, sentimental shallows. No — we are staring into the deepest depths: the abyss of extinction.

What will it take to extract ourselves from the worst of this mess?

Can we rely as we have till now on old forms of activism? Are we truly prepared to do what is necessary? And what sort of human beings will be capable of such urgent feats? Much remains to be seen. And yet, some things are already clear.

During the imminent disaster-era, we human beings must overcome our lethargy. We must rekindle our passion. We must screw up the rare courage required to fight this self-created beast. Without vigor, passion, and courage we will succumb, in fits of apathy and cowardice, to flood-tides, lethal temperatures, massive drought — and to the worst and widest humanitarian disaster in history.

How must we act? What tools will be at our disposal? This much is obvious: for us to act as before and with the tools of yesterday will not be enough.

We need a fresh new approach. We cannot simply keep marching on waving our signs and chanting our slogans as we have for decades and expect these nigh-existential problems to be solved in kind. New ways to live, think, and act must be wrought to wrest our fate from near-certain doom.

We need a new ingredient — a dash of wasabi — to spice things up.

On September 13th, our wolves’ cry will incite the Full Moon Rebellion.

It will usher in a new paradigm of protest: outsider activism.

Outsider activism is a radical new form of non-violent disobedience — protest, guerrilla style — modeled on the organization of wolves on the hunt: united by the pack, but discrete in their individual pursuit.

With this in our tool-belt — a curveball, a new addition to the playbook, a spark to rekindle the flame of indignation — we may spell the beginning of a new, more effective form of activism. This new form of dissent — guerrilla disobedience carried out alone or in small groups — may become a key tactic, and one complementary to other efforts, in the coming fight for the planet — and beyond.

With this new approach, let’s stir mayhem in the back streets. Let’s send a chill down the spine of an apathetic world leadership. Let’s stir up a revolutionary feeling in cities around the world. On Friday September 13, let’s make a billion acts of civil disobedience rain down on the current world order.

And after this prelude, we will prowl again in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike (September 20–27) and again with the Worldwide Rebellion (October 7–18), when XR groups across the world will rise up in the name of life on earth.

Wave after wave of disruption will be unleashed upon a warming, sleeping world. And when the sun rises, night after night, we will wake to a future perpetually transformed by these nocturnal transgressions.

This may not be the end, but the beginning of a giddy new feeling. What do we have to lose? Nothing but our climate. Our planet. Our survival. Our future.

What will you choose:
To march with the crowds, or go solo —
embodying a new breed of guerilla activist?

Let’s mobilize for the sake of our planet — and in so doing, change the very face of activism.

This is the nature of the Full Moon Rebellion.

What can you do?

Join our wolf-pack,
one billion strong

Now 14126 people strong!