Masar - Le Trio Joubran

To our comrades, our friends, our fellow jammers and outsiders,

Last Friday, #S13, the streets were witness to the Full Moon Rebellion.

The energy in the back alleys and boulevards was palpable. We took early steps towards overcoming our lethargy, rekindling our passion, and screwing up the rare courage required to fight this self-created beast called Extinction.

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#S13 was not the end. This autumn, the arriving season of revolt, spells the death of idleness — and the birth of a giddy new feeling. This Friday, #S20, we outsiders will unleash a billion more acts of guerilla disobedience in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike (September 20–27) — and again with the Worldwide Rebellion (October 7–18), when XR groups the world over will rise up in the name of life on earth.

What does it mean to be an outsider?

To be one of a new breed. Outsider activism is a radical new form of non-violent disobedience — protest, guerrilla style — modeled on the organization of wolves on the hunt: united by the pack, but discrete in their individual pursuit. It is predicated on an ethos of solo subversion. It requires neither the organization nor mobilization of groups larger than a handful of committed comrades. It is comprised of secret acts, clandestine deeds, covert feats of defiance in the face of fossilized and spurious authority.

With our new ingredient — our dash of guerilla wasabi — thrown into the mix, we can revitalize and intensify the fight for our climate. But the outsider activist’s ethic is one of unceasing, unconditional mayhem. No crowds, no occasion, no context is needed to disobey. All that is needed is a sense of urgency, a sudden gesture of dissent. Such gestures have their own way of making history, and they can be made on any day, at any time.

Let’s make history in our own way. Refuse to concede. Rekindle lost passion. Reclaim dead time.

Join our wolfpack, one billion strong.

Now 14126 people strong!