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Still from They Live - 1988 dir. John Carpenter
Still from They Live - 1988 dir. John Carpenter

Can you imagine…

The freedom to think without being told how,

to move without being told where,

to love without being told why,

to believe without being told what?

The pull of this month’s Blackspot Full Moon is discovering what it would be like to live — even for 24 hours — in an ad-free world.

The true possibilities of our minds — without the inculcation of pervasive corporate messaging — is expansive. What would happen if the general population had a resurgence of mental agency; what if your head and your eyes were challenged again to function at full capacity, and not as portals of consumerism?


Can you imagine?

Still from They Live - 1988 dir. John Carpenter
Still from They Live - 1988 dir. John Carpenter

It’s possible.

We won’t leave this task up to someone else, to another time or place. On March 20, 2019 — the day of the next full moon — the usual respite from the digital sphere that our #moonstruck campaign stimulates will this time inspire the activist within you.
This is the Blackspot Full Moon, wild ones.

For one full day we take to the streets and slap blackspots on every mindfucking advert we see.

Online advertisements are simply dodged — turn off your phone. Don’t shop online. Take a break from the internet.

But the physical world gets a sprinkling — or a deluge — of the blackspot. We cover every possible advertisement with this anti-logo. It can be drawn, painted, or printed and taped. It represents our power to choose what we consume mentally. It represents something far more truthful than what any label, logo, or ad is telling us.

So grab a can of spray paint, a black marker, or print out our version of the blackspot below. Then, we move.

Lone wolves, be free and take care!

Or, grab a friend, and blackspot as a pair!

Gather as a group — in large numbers we are strong
— and take to the streets to push the revolution along!

Commercials. Billboards. Bus stop ads. Promotions. Posters. Signs. Placards — if an inanimate advertisement is trying to sell something, manipulate you, makes you feel like you are lacking in some way, or detracts from the life experience around you, it gets the official mark of those who want better from the upper echelons:

This full moon, in nations across the globe, we the people launch an all-out blitz against ad culture. Blackspots will wipe out the manipulative images that have set the tone of our cities for so long. The media-consumer trance will fracture.

As our mental environments clear, original thoughts and ideas return. Our chins raise and our hands reach out for something real, something tangible. The photoshopped façade of the old consumerist bubble will begin to shake loose. Divisive algorithms will fall away. Reverberations of a stunning human synchronicity will travel around the earth and energize a global shift in thinking, in doing. As we connect to ourselves, each other, and nature, the possibilities of a new world emerge.

Are you ready, jammers?

This March 20, the advertising industry gets #moonstruck with us!


See you in the streets.

[Click the thumbnail to download printable blackspot logo and poster]

Share your #moonstruck experience with us — email with your ideas, feedback, stories, and revelations from the Blackspot Full Moon. We want to hear from you!

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